July/August  FREE YOUTH Workshops!!

Getting your kids interested in a sport you love and maybe practise yourself can be difficult, it definately needs to be 100% enjoyment and not for any other reason, besides 'why bother of its not fun'? Right?
Well, YES and NO!!!
As parents and mentors your job is guide your children and give them the best possible options available to YOU, making sure of thier safety and happiness along the way!
As a coach it is my job to inspire and nurture those who want to participate and give them the best options for YOUR CHILDS chosen pathway whether its just for fun or indeed if their goals are bigger. 

The aim for my workshops is to find out if our younger local athletes enjoy Oly Lifting and the training involved around it. It also supports creating a safe and nurturing community encouraging all ages between 8 to 15 years to come along and 'give it a try'.

This is FREE for ALL, age groups will be split as 8-11 and 12-15 accordingly.


8th July & 5th August - 45 min session, 9am start. Interested parties are encouraged to attend both July and August sessions if able. All attendees must register by email/text or facebook. You can also fill out the Contact Us on this site.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

​Coach Robyn.

Email : robyn@upliftbrisbane.com.au
Text   : 0466 615300
Or IM : https://www.facebook.com/upliftbrisbane