Coaching from afar - remote coaching/training.

'Keeping it simple' is one of my favourite phrases! Thats how I apply myself to coaching others and helping them to train/learn Olympic Lifting. Communication and interpretation is a skill that has to be applied by both coach and athlete especially in the learning process.
After initially starting my club as a more exclusive business where the individual has a monopoly with my time and dedication it has been easy to see the massive results and progression by each athlete as I see them improving month by month. 

The disadvantage of this has been my reach and inability to coach and share knowledge with as many lifters as possible. I wanted to create something that most people can learn from and use whether that be in a home gym or as an accessory to training in a more general setting ( commercial gym/Crossfit facility ).

That said I am now excited to be offering 12 week programmes to improve and help with specific individual goals. 

Is this different from any other programme?

YES!!!! This is why :  - 

Weekly direct communication will keep you accountable  (facetime/voicecall)
FULL Money back guarentee if you dont get the results we set in the beginning of the 12 weeks.
Free 90 minute workshop with myself in Brisbane or a pre-arranged session with your nearest Lifting Gym (arranged by myself).
If you decide  to continue past the initial 12 week period you can then opt to join as a *'remote member' and receive bi-monthly communication and monthly programming .


All enquires welcome either by calling, email or social media listed below.

*all remote members must participate in the 12 week programme initially.