Don't be a jerk - fix your jerk!!!
Push Press/Push Jerk/Split jerk and all things overhead!!!

Most lifters can clean more than they can jerk, there is nothing more frustrating than going for a max lift and getting your clean then missing your jerk!
This workshop will set the path and give you all the best training and techniques for a solid jerk. We will be concentrating on positioning, speed and transfer of power to make sure that the bar rockets to the sky in the easiest and most efficient way!

Sunday 7th October 8am to 9.30am, all levels welcome ( minimum age 12 yrs) - $75 pp
Bring a friend 20% discount for you both!
Max 8 lifters.

Registration no later than 28 September 5pm, see below links for options to make a booking!

Email : [email protected]
Text   : 0466 615300
Or IM : https://www.facebook.com/upliftbrisbane